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LawCares Charter Memberships

Be a founder of a movement to benefit and redefine the entire bar

The chance to be a Charter Member comes only once in an organization’s lifetime and enables you to share in the considerable Goodwill Equity that will be generated by this noble and forward-thinking venture.

LAWcares Founder

(Ideally for large firms,
or extra-motivated firms)

Year 1 Dues: $750

LAWcares Benefactor

(Ideally for mid-size firms)

Year 1 Dues: $500

LAWcares Guardian

(Ideally for small firms)

Year 1 Dues: $350

LAWcares Guardian

(Ideally for sole practitioners – not available for multi-member firms)

Year 1 Dues: $250

LAWcares Grantor

(For individual attorneys & non-lawyer law firm staff)

Year 1 Dues: $150

LAWcares Future Partner

(Law Students)

Year 1 Total Dues for 3 Years of Law School: $25

Charter Membership Dues Levels

Year 1 dues are at a low introductory level to motivate as many firms and lawyers to join our movement. It is understood that initial benefits will be more limited than in future years.

Year 2 dues (and beyond) will be adjusted to a higher level, to accommodate additional benefits and our national branding advertising campaign—serving as the means of enhancing your investment in LAWcares and building our public reputation.

A Limited Time Offer

The LAWcares Foundation Charter Membership period will extend until 12/31/2022, so all members who commit from now until then will forever be identified as Charter (founding) members.

Members who join in 2021 will receive complimentary membership for the balance of 2021, in recognition of their leadership.

We are also keeping our initial dues fees as low as possible in order to encourage widespread enrollment. Dues will be raised as of 1/1/2023.

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