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Show that your law firm is doing good,
not just doing well.

Bring in more clients, attract principled staffers, and build a culture of caring in your legal practice.

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Who Will Your Clients Choose?

Current stats indicate there are more than 400,000 law firms and 1.3 million lawyers in the US today.

Which means, your potential clients have a sea of possible representation to choose from. So how can you ensure more of your clients choose you over your competitors?

Well, consumers today care deeply about what kind of people operate the companies they do business with.

In fact, according to research studies we commissioned in 2021:

  • 83% view law firms more favorably if the law firm is charitable
  • 87% expect a law firm to care about its impact on society as much as the firm cares about winning cases
  • 68% would trust a law firm more if they displayed a trust badge symbolizing their involvement in charity
  • 61% say a law firm’s dedication to giving back is a factor in their decision to retain the firm for a significant legal matter
  • 80% feel that a law firm has an obligation to give back to the community
  • 94% Of law firm marketing pros say that a commitment to giving back is an important part of their firm’s persona

The message is clear – your potential clients are looking for legal representation with a firm that stands for something.
Clients want to see proof that your firm cares about doing more good in the world.

And LAWcares® helps you do that.

Expand Your Reach and Do More Good

LAWcares® was born out of the coronavirus pandemic that left many business owners, law firms, and American citizens without a secure path forward. We help provide that proof that potential clients want in order to showcase those in the legal profession who care about the people they serve.

As a charter member of LAWcares® you make a clear statement to your clients and staff that you care about giving back and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

LAWcares® membership benefits your law firm will enjoy include:

  • Feature the LAWcares® trust badge on all advertising, literature, proposals/RFPs, and communications
  • Access to templates, guides, and white papers to maximize your promotional value across digital and traditional marketing channels
  • Ability to enter the annual giving back awards program
  • A chance to compete in the annual Pro Bono Championships (starting in 2023)
  • Access to charitable programs to elevate your corporate philanthropy efforts (starting in 2023)
  • Networking opportunities with other member firms and individual attorneys
  • Publicity from the national LAWcares® branding campaign
  • Customized suite of charities you wish to support through the LAWcares® Foundation Charity Mutual Fund Program (in addition to your membership commitment) (starting in 2023)
  • Lapel pin and branded apparel help you and your associates standout in a crowd and be recognized by other members with whom you share important values
  • Be the subject of LAWcares publicity and social media outreach.

Who Should Join LAWcares?

LAWcares® is for law firms, individual attorneys, corporate legal departments, the judiciary, and vendors in the legal space.

A sizable portion of your membership proceeds will go to a national effort to spread the word about corporate giving and raise the social responsbility bar of the entire legal industry.

We are motivated to influence the next generation of lawyers by offering almost free dues to current law students.

With LAWcares®, you’ll be able to collaborate with others in the industry on a mission to do the most good.

Join our Movement & Raise the Legal Bar for Good by Becoming a Charter Member.

Exceptionally attractive Year 1 dues packages for those who qualify.

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